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Chaotic Adequate

Apr 29, 2018

 Our heroes are split! Morag the Goth Paladin and Chagrin the dwarf who is pretending to be a small American must take on the Obstacle Course, while Tyth (Angus Dunican) engages in an extreme battle of wits with the Dungeon Master. 

This episode contains references to Police Academy, Full Metal Jacket and Primer. So...

Apr 22, 2018

Our heroes remain separated. Morag and Chagrin seem to have fallen into a reality show with the highest stakes of all, while Tyth is pulling at threads from early episodes and seeing what demons pop out.

Chaotic Adequate is a comedy fantasy roleplay podcast from the people behind Science Showoff, Jack Left Town, Bright...

Apr 15, 2018

Our heroes are still split up. For Morag the Paladin and Chagrin the magic dwarf the militia training is hotting up, with blood spilled. Meanwhile Tyth the Warlock is hanging out with his Dad and reminiscing about ex girlfriends.

This episode contains the sound of Steve with very damaged vocal cords, guaranteed to make...

Apr 8, 2018

Our heroes have split up! And poor DM Gregory is forced to try and supervise a spy thriller on one hand, and a buddy comedy coming-of-age / bubblegum movie on the other. Vote now for which one he makes more of a mess of!

This episode contains references to Police Academy, Blade Runner and Transformers.

Chaotic Adequate...

Apr 2, 2018

If there's one thing our heroes excel at it's awkward torture scenes, and this week they've got some new Goblin friends to help out. But will any of this help them to overthrow the corrupt government of the Citadel?

This episode contains references to Indiana Jones, frat parties and a rhetorical device stolen from...