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Chaotic Adequate

Apr 26, 2021

Things are going as well as you imagined. Please help us. We've taken on more than we can chew. I think we might all get killed and more importantly get lots of valuable goblins killed too. Why did we think we could hustle a dragon?!?

Join three professional comedians and a real-life scholar of horror for adventures in an incredible world of goblins, elves, magic and bickering.

Chaotic Adequate is a comedy fantasy roleplay podcast from the people behind Science Showoff, Bright Club, Masterpiece Bookshelf, Wales Vs The World and more.

This episode of Chaotic Adequate was written and produced by Gregory Akerman . This episode stars Gregory, Sarah Jones, Amanda DiGioia and Steve Cross. It was recorded by Steve.

Chaotic Adequate theme by Ian Bowkett.

Chaotic Adequate logo drawing and artwork by Kimberley Freeman.

We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, dnd5e and the podcast features actual play.

We’re part of the Smart Material Collective,