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Chaotic Adequate

Jun 4, 2017

A new comedy fantasy roleplay podcast arrives from the people behind Science Showoff, Bright Club, Masterpiece Bookshelf and more. Join three professional comedians and a real-life scholar of horror for adventures in an incredible world of goblins, elves, magic and bickering.

In our first episode our heroes meet, having answered an advert offering adventure and gold. It's never made clear what the advert was in, nor how they all happened to arrive at exactly the same time. Magic is probably to blame in some way. They almost fail to enter the pub where questgivers await due to an argument about trees.

Chaotic Adequate is written and produced by Gregory Akerman. It stars Angus Dunican, Steve Cross and Amanda DiGioia. It's recorded by Steve Cross.

Music is by Ian Bowkett and the cast.

Chaotic Adequate logo drawing by Kimberley Freeman.

You can contact us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or via our website

We play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, dnd5e.